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Hi! I'm an Armenian composer for video games and animation based in Málaga, Spain. I also release music as Promtastik.I am currently an artist for Infloresce Records and STAFFcirc/IiIypad records.On my personal website you can find my portfolio, with a selection of tracks and music snippets in various different styles, as well as a more detailed discography section.

Some of my most recent projects:

Arrangement and orchestration for Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles's OST

Anhelo (album released with Infloresce Records)

Chiptune soundtrack for WoRMeR Deluxe


Here's a collection of standalone snippets written in many different styles, as well as some full tracks I've worked on for various projects.


These are all the works that I have released more or less on an official manner, as well as some of the projects that I have participated in with other people. There is lots of music that is not included here, namely short vignettes that I have posted throughout the years in various different places (mainly Twitter and occasionally SoundCloud.)

- Soundtracks -

Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles

released September 21, 2023

Did the arrangement and orchestration for the soundtrack of Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles, working along with Moonsailor.

WoRMeR Deluxe

released March 19, 2022

"Original soundtrack for WoRMeR Deluxe: a search action (or metroidvania) game about a living anti-virus program exploring a maze­-like computer system to recover important files from the four malevolent boss viruses dwelling inside. Music made entirely with Dn-FamiTracker using the VRC6 expansion chip."

- Personal Work -


released November 17, 2022

"Promtastik's debut album, Anhelo, is an exploration of yearning expressed through an intricate blend of classical, digital fusion, and Armenian and Spanish folk music."

Released and produced by Infloresce Records [INFLO 006]

Artwork by lesliesuperr

FamiTastik Vol. 2

released June 26, 2021

"After half a year of VGM covers and experimental chiptunes, I decided to bring back FamiTastik and gauge my learnings during these months. Following the spirit of Vol.1, FamiTastik Vol.2 is a collection of stories yet untold and sceneries yet unseen narrated through videogame music."Released on IiIypad [III-118]:


released March 14, 2021

"The first track of this EP, "Mandelbit", started as an attempt to make music as mesmerizing and shimmering as Sevish's incredible work, all whilst using FamiTracker (a music tracker for the NES/Famicom-systems). From there on, it has been a journey of experimenting and having fun with the VRC6 expansion chip, trying to see how far I could get with it. Nonetheless, there is no attempt of abiding to any specific tuning or temperament in any of these tracks. The methods used were rather simple: detuning and pitch bending every single note arbitrarily until it all sounded fun enough."

FamiTastik Vol. 1

released January 21, 2021

"FamiTastik is my introduction to chiptune as a whole. These tracks started out as my first steps towards learning how to use FamiTracker and ended up expanding into a whole VGM album with different sceneries in mind, so I decided to release them a bit more formally. Jake Kaufman's OST for Shovel Knight was the music I listened to the most for quite a while, and after trying to figure out how it was all made, we ended up here. This is, in some sense, a tribute to his music."


released January 5, 2021

"This track is a musical exploration of anxiety in all of its forms. The auditory hallucinations and heartbeats resonating in the chest as musical elements. The instability and vulnerability during the peak of a meltdown. Vision zooming in and out. The bittersweet mixture of emotions. There's angst and regret, but also a touch of warmth from childhood flashbacks. Most importantly, the beauty that can be found in all of it."

- Collabs -

The Star Is Yours

released April 18, 2023

Original piece themed to Part 1 of "Them" by lesliesuperr, a story about two non-binary individuals trying to find love for who they truly are. You can read the comic here:

Artwork by lesliesuperr

A World Divided [violin]

released September 17, 2022

Played violin in tracks 3, 4, 24, 26 and 27 from sincx's album "A World Divided."

Jan Gyulum

released May 27, 2022

Track 5 from the compilation "Infloresce Vol. 1 - Floral Folklore" released by Infloresce Records.

Glacial Bastion (Valiant Remix)

released April 1, 2022

"RESONANT MIXES 3 is here! Experience even more Rivals of Aether tunes reimagined by new and returning remix artists from around the world. Chill out to relaxing electronic arrangements, Famicom chip renditions and glimpses into the future of the series."

- Chiptune Covers -

Anime and Castlevania covers

released throughout 2020 and 2021

A series of chiptune covers that I posted on YouTube from 2020 to 2021. Covers of a few anime opening songs + covers of several character themes from the Castlevania franchise.


- Narek Papoyan -


Discord: @promtastik

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